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Gangs of Crime

Gangs of Crime

Try your luck on the streets of America and become a greatly feared mafia boss! Corruption, drug dealing and violence are commonplace. In this game, the law is not on your side.

The online game Gangs of Crime is a development of the classic game Mafia 1930. With the new look and improved navigation, a new era in the mafia genre begins.

You start the game as an immigrant from overseas. With your last few dollars you are entering the country to start a new, better life.

But here there are different laws than the ones you know from your country. In this corrupt city, the law of the jungle applies. In recent years, powerful mafia cartels have formed, which earn their money smuggling and drug dealing. In this city you are insignificant, a nobody.

But you must not accept this fate. You used to dream of a better life; a life without violence and oppression. Do not wait for an opportunity; it will not come to you easily. You have to take what you want. Scruples and consideration now belong to the past.

If you are willing to break all the rules, you’ll become the mafia boss. You have to fight hard to gain respect and reverence. If you accept the challenges of Gangs of Crime, you can earn much money and prestige.

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